Bevfest Sees Off Summer With A Swing (from The Argus)

Live bands played all day, with the winners of the Bevendeans Got Talent show topping the bill. More music was provided by a band made up of adults with learning difficulties, organised by the charity Spiral. In the afternoon, open-mouthed children watched as a group of free runners showed off their moves by leaping and flipping over school gym equipment. The festivities then carried on long into the evening, although some revellers were forced to bring blankets to keep warm. Kathy Strulo, chairman of Friends of BevFest, said everyone involved had a fantastic time but revealed the festival was very nearly cancelled at the last minute. She said: We had problems with the stage and the whole thing very nearly didnt happen, but we got it sorted in the end.
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Why Do American Families Buy a Home?

in For Buyers , Pricing There is a plethora of opinions voiced by real estate gurus as to why the dream of home ownership is so important to most Americans. However, study after study reveals the same five reasons families decide to buy a home. They Want a good place to raise children Want a place where their familyfeels safe Want more living space Want control of that living space Realize that owning makes better financial sense than does renting (For those who question the validity of number five after the recent housing crisis, Harvard University just finished a study on the issue ) If you are considering purchasing a home, look at the five reasons mentioned above. If any of them apply to you and your family, perhaps it is time for you to take the plunge.
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