Family Leaves Waitress ‘lifestyle’ Tip Instead Of Cash

McStay family slayings: Bodies found, questions remain

“The short hair and clothes just gave it away in her eyes,” Morales, 22, said Thursday evening after she had posted a picture of the check and her own fuming rant on a gay-friendly Facebook page called “Have a Gay Day.” Her post went viral on the Internet and was picked up by national websites, including the Huffington Post. She said the response has “put a smile on my face.” Morales said when she introduced herself to the family at the table the woman responded, “Oh, I thought you were gonna say your name is Dan. You surprised us!” Morales didn’t respond, but never thought they wouldn’t leave a tip. “You’ve got to bite your tongue and kiss up. We live off tips,” she said about life as a restaurant server. She shared what happened online because “others need to be informed this is still going on.” She said her boss isn’t upset with her posting the check in fact, the family may not be allowed back at the eatery, which opened about four months ago.
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Billionaire Pritzker brothers turn from family feuding to deals

Penny Pritzker outlines Commerce Dept. priorities

With their eclectic tastes, the fourth-generation brothers are in many ways reprising Marmon Holdings a major source of the money staking the 11 cousins to such pursuits as movie production and boutique hotels. Their late father, Donald, and his brothers, Jay and Robert, led the family’s third generation. Robert, the middle brother, built Marmon into a hodgepodge of 125 companies. Tony and J.B. joined a seven-cousin alliance that formed in 2000 and split the empire apart. They accused Penny and cousins Thomas and Nicholas of paying themselves too much to run the collection of Pritzker companies and moving assets into their own trust funds. The squabble went public when another fourth- generation cousin, Liesel Pritzker, Robert’s daughter from his second marriage, sued her father in 2002 claiming he had drained her trust accounts. Robert denied in court documents that he’d done anything wrong.
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waitress notip.jpg

Authorities did not disclose information regarding any evidence discovered at the gravesite that pointed to identifiable suspects. Officials have reviewed a video from around the time they went missing that shows a family close to the description of the McStays walking through a pedestrian border crossing into Mexico. That evidence led some to suspect that the family had fled the country, but McMahon said Friday that it was possible that the people in the video were not the McStays. The remains were discovered Monday, when a off-road motorcyclist riding through the area came across a smattering of bones. The location was about 50 yards from a dirt road. The motorcyclist didn’t know if they were human or animal bones, but felt compelled to report the sighting to the sheriff’s department.
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